Configure your FloodWarden barrier

FloodWarden is an affordable and efficient alternative to the available modular flood-protection solutions.

The system allows for the top-quality flood protection at a considerably lower price in comparison to similar mobile flood-protection systems. It is a cutting-edge alternative to other makeshift solutions.


Investment in protection to save money
The costs of repairing flood damage may be very high. The FloodWarden barriers are an economic, user-friendly and efficient entry protection dedicated to owners of residential, retail or office buildings.

Continuity of your business
Effective flood prevention offered by FloodWarden helps maintain the businesses operational, even during natural disasters. Entrepreneurs avoid situation where they have to incur fixed costs of running a business without generating any income.


Instant deployment, without the need to use any additional equipment
The FloodWarden barriers consist of fixed posts and adjusted to them horizontal beams assembled between the posts in emergency to form water-tight barrier. The pressure of water, additionally tightens the system. FloodWarden is a light-weight solution easy to self-deploy.

Easy to store
The system does not require any special storage systems.

Strong and light-weight solution
FloodWarden is a cutting-edge, user-friendly and light-weight alternative to sand-bags. The FloodWarden barriers are reusable.


Individual approach
The installation method and the height of the barrier is individually adjusted to meet the project requirements. FloodWarden is manufactured upon order and the colour of the posts may be individually selected by the customer.

Long-lasting quality
The only replaceable elements of the FloodWarden system are the seals.